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The Commemorative Art Prints
Memorial and heartfelt memories of lost love ones.
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This young man was a U.S. marine "soldier who lost his life in the war.
Before he past away he was working on restoring a 1993 Mustang. It was his prized possession. Well his Mom would not let his dream die so she ask If I
create a rendering that reflect how he would have complete the job and if I would draw it as a monument to commemorate her son's service in the war. After
a few renderings she agreed on this final layout. Car builder Wade Linger took on the task and built the car according to her wishes.
A heartfelt blessing received from one of my customers
All in her own words Margaret wrote;

Dear Danny,
First please accept my apologies for the tardiness of this note. I have had computer
problems this entire year and in them the loss of information was substantial. Your
address was one of those that I lost. Today, as I was perusing a Camaro site, First
Camaro ever built and restored, I had a thought that has worked. If I were literate on
this internet stuff I would have thought of this many months back. Anyway, my name is
Margaret E and just before Christmas last year my son Michael contacted you about a
car photo with a picture of his brother in it. Not having any idea what it was for, they
asked for a picture of Chip which I e-mailed them PDQ as requested. I only had two in
my computer and I sent them his graduation picture. I was told that wouldn’t work,
what else do you have? So I sent them the one that I had gotten off my God
Daughters Facebook page. They told me thank you, that will work. At that point I forgot
about the entire incident and got on with getting ready for bed as it was late in the
evening and I’m getting old.

You can only imagine my surprise when I opened that on Christmas morning. I did
notice that the entire room got quiet and everyone was looking at me and a couple of
cameras at the ready. They had taken an 8 x 10 of the picture and put it in a floating
type frame with a silver metal edge and it was absolutely gorgeous. I cried. They wanted
me to be able to have some input on the choice of frames for the 16 x 20. It is the
most amazing picture and I just love it. I have never been so moved by a picture or a
gift in my whole life. The job that you did on that project is absolutely perfect. You are,
without a doubt an amazing talent. As I recall it was around the 20th of December when
they called for a picture so to have done the work and gotten it back to them before
Christmas is nothing short of miraculous.
I posted it on my Facebook page last June 4th. The anniversary of his death. I was truly
unprepared for the responses that I got. I heard from so very many of his friends. He is
very well remembered by many besides just his family. Even after 37 years it’s still
pretty fresh to a parent. The loss of a child is the worst thing that can happen to you.
It doesn’t go away, you just learn how to handle it better.
Your effort brought me many hours of pleasure. Looking at that picture is a comforting moment for me. I thank you for all of that time. I do appreciate what
you did. It means a great deal to me. The framed one that was wrapped for Christmas is in Michael’s office and I’m sure that most everyone has asked him
about it. As we approach another holiday season I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know that as I recall the things I am
Thankful for Danny Whitfield will be on the list. May your
Christmas holidays be a joyful gathering of Family and Friends as you Celebrate the Reason for the Season. Again, my sincere thanks and appreciation for the
job you have done. God Bless.
Most Sincerely, Margaret
The twin towers may be gone but not forgotten, neither are the lives of the people who perished.
This is truly a memory that has its place in US history. A young
man who gave his life for his country and his car of his dreams.
Facebook friend Rick Appleton on the death of his daughter in
his own words;

Me and my wife Suzanna lost our 17 year old daughter Rebekah in July
2015 in a single car accident changing our lives forever, Danny already a
friend and part of the nationwide automotive community we both
support, gathered pictures we had posted in memory of our Rebekah
and made this for Us. He also called us and talked to us numerous times
and prayed with us.

Yes his work is unmatched and awesome but if you look beyond the
artwork and see the man behind the talent you will find one of the most
caring, inspiring and thoughtful men I have ever had the pleasure to
know. This show that he touches many with his talents and kindness.
May God bless you all, and for those that have lost loved ones.

Rebekah Appleton: Please don't cry because I died, Smile because
I lived. Know that I am in a Happy place and know that we will
met again. I will see You there.
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