Pennie's Comments,
Danny thanks so much for the work you did on my
hubby's '68 roadrunner. It was a terrific gift for him and
he's very happy with it. I had it framed in black and it
looks fabulous. Thanks so much for helping me make
his Christmas a great one. Hope you had a Merry
Christmas and Happy New year!
Gerry's Comments,
Hi Dan, my print arrived yesterday when I was at work and I opened it today. I have no words
that can explain how awesome this is. I knew it was going to be fantastic but this is beyond
my wildest imagination. It goes perfectly in the room. Mike did an unreal job matting and
framing. I want to thank with you with all my heart for this project and I will cherish this
forever. A friend of mine will be contacting you about doing a Mercedes he has. He wants me
to take the photos for him. I only see him every few weeks so I will try to get it done soon.
Wait till he sees mine. I know he will flip out over it. I want to thank you again and anything I
can send your way I will.
Best Regards, Gerry
Nick's comments,
I called Danny on Sunday night. On Sunday he returned my call. I paid him and my picture was done on Tuesday. On my door step Saturday, I
opened the tube and got goose bumps the work was awesome! Hows that for quick  service! When I get my next mopar he'll do another picture
of it .Thanks Danny for every thing best wishes and good luck your loyal customer from Pennsylvania,  Nick
Color change from Fathom Green to Emerald Green,
Teressa's comments,
I recently placed an order with you yesterday, It
was a Christmas present for my husband. Spoke to
let him know how pleased I am with the painting.
It's so awesome! My husband was very happy with
it also. It was a pleasure doing business with him.

Thanks again!!
Color change to dark cherry and added flames to doors
Bob's Comments,
Great interpretation of my car.  
The print looks exactly like my actual car.  
Danny was a pleasure to deal with.
Bob from VA
Doug's Comments,

Hi Danny,
Just a note to tell you I received my print on Tuesday! You have captured the beauty that was  
the"Viking Blue" Galaxie. It has just a hint of red in the blue that under mercury vapor light at
night, it would show up as a very pale purple. Gorgeous print! Better than the photo sent as a
proof. My wife and I will enjoy this print hanging in our den forever. Thanks again, Doug
Dan's Comments,
Hi Danny. I received the special order print of my 64 Chevelle today and I've got to say it looks
GREAT! I've already told a couple of friends about your work and will continue to do so. Hard to
believe it was just 4 days ago that I contacted you about the order! Again, I could not be more
happy with your work and service. Thanks for the great service,
Dan, Springdale, AR
Cliff's Comments,
Thank you for the beautiful print of the 68 Dart GTS. It is truly a work of art. Looking at it really
brings back fond memories. It is better than any picture I have of mine. I especially appreciate
the changes you made to make it exactly like mine, removing wheel lip moldings and adding
Cragars. Thanks again,
Howard's Comments,
Danny, I received the print today and all I can say is.....WOW! It's stunning to say the least.
What a wonderful job! I will be sure to share my comments to Team Chevelle for others to read
and hopefully contact you too. Again Thanks,
Howard, Va. Beach, Va.
Randy's Comments,
Hey Danny !!!! Got my print today.   PERFECT !!!!!!!!!
Going in for framing today. I will spread the word on Thanks,
Randy, Bakersfield, CA
Loren's Comments,

The print of my 65 Impala convertible came on Saturday; WOW, it really is a striking and beautiful
print!!! My wife is impressed as well as everyone who has seen it.! It looks exactly as it did that say in
1971 when I bought it, and while I no longer have it, I get to see it everyday!! Thanks so much for an
outsanding job and all your help re-creating my first real
car! Sincerely,
Loren, Wauwatosa, Wi.
Tesimonies! See what customers say about the Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield
Terry Comments,
BEAUTIFUL! I really enjoyed working with you on the Camaro, Cuda, and Corvette.  My friend loved the Cuda and it was the talk of his party.  
In fact he placed  a "Do not touch sign" on it.  My corvette is over my desk at work.  I'm still waiting for the frame shop to finish the Camaro and
with the matting it is going to look great. Sincerely, Terry Bakersfiled, CA .
With a genuine Danny Whitfield print, we guaranty you'll be highly satisfied Get a customized print of your car today!
Brian Comments,
Hey Danny, Just a quick note to let you know that it arrived today. It came to the home address
(good thing you didn’t ship it where I asked he he he). Looks fantastic. Can’t wait to get it into
frame and up on the wall. Thanks again !
Brian, Cordova, TN
Tom's Comments,
OUTSTANDING!!  And you're fast too!  That really looks nice and thanks for the compliment on my car.  I am real proud of it and worked long and
hard to own it.  Actually, I need to tell you how this all came about.  I bought a regular 20 X 24 print from you a month or so ago that was just a
standard print of the silver Z06.  My wife took it to a frame shop to have it framed and matted and they some how put a big cut in the print.  I
pulled up your web sight to order a replacement and this time.... I noticed your custom modification options.  I thought WOW, I might be able to
get my wheels and hood emblems.  I contacted you and within 24 hours it was a done deal! So I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the
quality of your work and your incredible level of customer service.  I am still amazed that I have such an excellent piece of art that captures my
personal pride and joy in exact detail, to enjoy for years to come. Best regards, Tom
Looks like Tom"s Corvette,
1. Use Tom's Corvette as reference,
3.  In his home, on his wall!
Tab's Comments,

40 degrees today…clear and crisp!
Took my wife and daughter down to Columbus
yesterday…90 MPH and she was just floating past
everyone…smooth (like Freddie Hubbard J). Lot of looks
and comments.  What a great day. She’s put up in the
barn now for the winter.  Taking it to Mount Rushmore
next year!! WOW -LOVE IT, Great work man!! Pic is up
on the wall in my “man cave”!
Later, Tab
Jd's 1958 Ford Fairlane, Here's some comments from our Facebook
Fans about JD's print,

Chaparral Used Cars, That is beautiful...I love it!

Camaro Guy, nice car bro... I use to have the Ford Ranchero pickup in 57,,,,,
the front part are almost the same....that's a nice ryde ...

Susan, Rather like a time capsule...I like this idea a lot!

Robert, Really nice Danny! I like how you incorporated it into the background!

Joey, Unreal Danny, I like the 58s!

Jeannie, ‎1958 was an AWESOME year!!! [wink]

Barris Kustoms Barrietz Wow! Impressive work! Love this picture!

Jeff, Wow... your stuff looks awesome!

Marshall, I remember the Fairlane on the streets, A classmate of mine had
one. Great Looking style and very Nice interior too. Let's take that car to the
AW drive-in or the Sonic Drive now. Great Collection of Pictures you have.
And a comment from the Man himself JD!
Remember a picture is worth a thousand words and a happy customer is a satisfied customer!
Dave's Comments,
Hi Danny,
Danny, I told you I would send you pics of the print
you did for me after I had it framed. It has been
framed for a while. I have shown it around to friends
and family all with very good accolades.

My son-in-law who is a very good hobby
photographer took the pictures. I had meant to send
them last week but they got put in the I FORGOT list.
Then this week we had a new granddaughter.Life is
good. So now it is time to get it sent to you. I believe
my friend Ken is going to have you do a print for him
to. I see where you are now friends on facebook with
him. I don't have the print hung yet as I got more
SHOWING OFF to do.  Thanks a million , Dave
Matt Wilson of Phoenix Arizona is also a returning customer. He bought not one but three prints of his baby's,
Facebook friend Jimmy Pongracz,
OK People..My picture from Danny Whitfield arrived today and the man does not lie!
I was Blown away.. The paper quality is Professional, the finish is Beautiful and the Overall
Print is all ready for Matting and Framing..Well worth the money and the Customer service
from Danny is Amazing..Fast Turnaround time..So, if you are looking for that one of a kind
Custom print of your Ride.. Danny is your Man..
Facebook friend  Daryl Lyons,
My one of a kind print from Danny Whitfield! I received my picture today! WOW...ITS
AMAZING!!! It is so much more in person....  The man is very talented and a great guy to
work with! He took pics of my car and turned into an awesome picture for me! Thank you
Danny!! I will be in touch for more!
Talk about impressive!!  Customer Mark Dixon knows how to display his GTO! A collage of photos showing the car in various stages of its
restoration process, AND it features Mark's GTO print as the main subject. Get an official art print from Danny Whitfield and make it look lake
your car!
Lynn's Comments,
I wanted to tell you, I just happened upon your web-site because we really
wanted a great pictures of the cars. Yours stood out head and shoulders as
an artist above all the rest. But, I just tonite had a moment to really review
your Bio and your web-site! WOW! Now I'm really really impressed and I
understood why we liked yours so well! You've had a life filled with famous
people who commisioned your art and I'm so grateful that you still take the
time to try and visit with your customers and get a feel for what they really
want!...Jay Leno even ??!!!!!!

Look out though....we belong to a really active corvette club in Oklahoma and
we are having our yearly fund-raiser car show Easter Weekend and IF our
picture is here by then, we surely are taking it with the cars to the show! I'm
pretty sure you may have a few more phone calls after they see how
wonderful our picture looks. Thanks Again for making this so easy for us and
making our love of our cars show up on canvas!! Mike and Lynn,
Here's Jim's story about his 1967 GTO!
While serving in the US Navy, I dilligently saved my money to buy my dream car, a 1967 Pontiac
GTO.  When discharged at 21 years old, I special ordered this car and paid $3,400 for it.  The
engine was  335 horse power with 400 cubic inches.  The transmission was a four speed with a
factory Hurst shifter.   I drove this car 15 years and 125 thousand miles, without having an
accident  or any mechanical problems.  And, I must brag here and say, I won a lot of drag
races!   As time passed, I needed a family vehicle, so  I reluctently decided I had to sell my GTO.  
I didn't have a place to safely store it.  I sold it in l981 to a collector  for $1,500.00.  I still had
the original tag, carburator, and rims, which went with the car. In 2008 my wife decided to locate
my car as a surprise to me.  She found it in North Georgia.  It is currently owned by another
collector, and it is a show car. I contacted this person and she graciously invited me to come up
and see it.  My wife and I did just  that and were pleasantly surprised when the owner insisted
we take the ole GTO for a spin.  When we climbed into those seats, it was just like going back in
time.  Everything about the car felt and smelled familiar.  When we left, driving off and leaving
the car behind was sad.    Recently the current owner decided to down size her collection and
she phoned to let us have the first opportunity to buy  the GTO back.  The selling price was
$38,000.00.   WOW!  Just a little more than we were willing to pay for the ole girl.  Maybe later.
Tom had a silver Corvette ZO6 but life has change as he explains.
June 16, 2012 ,
Hi Danny… I ordered a custom print of my Z06 Corvette from you about 3 years ago.  That
car is gone and now. I have a 2012 Grand Sport Crystal red metallic coupe with chrome
wheels.  In looking through your library, I can't find where you have ever done one.  Did I miss
it?  I would be interested if a couple of these prints if you can come up with something cool for
me.  I will try to attach a couple of photos I snagged off of the web so you can see the color
and wheels, etc.  I look forward to hearing from you.

June 19, 2012,
Danny... I received the prints of my GS Corvette today.  WOW!  What a nice job.  And....
Thanks for the extra prints!!!  What a nice surprise.  These really do look nice Danny.  I can't
wait to get them matted and framed.  When I do, I will take some shots of them with my car
and if you would like to feature them on your web sight that would be fine with me.  I am even
more impressed than I was with my Z06 pictures you made for me three years ago.  
Thanks again! Tom
Dick's comments,

Danny I received both prints today. I gotta tell you....they're absolutely
terrific. They really look great.......and  the vanity license plate adds the right  
touch to personalize the car. Also thank you for the extra small copies.
Read what Tom had to say about his sweet 68 Camaro print,
Danny, Thanks again for the great job on recreating my
Camaro! I am still amazed each time I look at the artwork!
Now, for those of you out there who are undecided on
whether to have your car rendered by this fine artist, DON'T
WAIT!! Life's too short! Get with Danny, send him a picture
of your favorite vehicle, he will send you his interpretation of
your pride and joy. He will also make any corrections
necessary, once you are happy with the final image, you
then get to decide what you want! Print, t-shirt, etc. My
high quality print is now framed and hanging in my den
("man cave"). It's just too nice to hang in my garage. Plus I
get to see it everyday!
Fred's Comments,
Hi Danny, That is so nice! It is good to go for sure! Great work, Danny! You are indeed an artist! Also thank you very much for making this
happen so fast. I Will certainly recommend your work to my friends here. It is just amazing to see in person! A friend of mine has a Porsche, so
I'll certainly buy one for him when you have them ready. This print will be the one installed in my Shelby room, that's for sure! Might buy a book
soon. Thank you very much! Regards, Fred from Norway.
Facebook buddy Greg took it to the MAX!
A serious Mopar guy, he commission three separate
prints and a single family portrait!

Greg does things in threes -- Himself, his wife and
daughter and his three Mopar baby's His Mancave is
looking pretty good right about now.
At "Dod Davison Ford" in Maryland. Over 1,200 people attend! Im going to OC cruise next Friday and Saturday using my show board and
print. Also a lot of people asked about who did the artwork- your web address is HOT now. Thank you very much and talk to you soon. Steven
Brewer Sr
Stuart comments,
I just want you to know that I received my print yesterday. It is amazing! The quality is second to none.
I want to tell you what a pleasure it was dealing with you. A very professional transaction. I will not
hesitate to recommend your services to other muscle car owners and car clubs. My intent is to frame the
print then take a picture of me with the print in my hand standing next to my Cobra. The only problem is
the that the weather is getting worse. I'm afraid we are going to see snow soon so I probably won't be
able to get a picture till spring. If you are still interested in my picture just let me know. Again, Danny
thank you very much for the spectacular print, Stuart.
The Automotive Art of Danny L Whitfield / Official Site!
Here's what Barry had to say about his print.
I got the prints today and took them to a frame shop . It would have been $250 to frame it . Instead I
had it mounted on a backing for $75 . I want to thank you for the extra small ones, I had an 8x10 put
in a small frame for 37 bucks. She matted it and I put it on a table right away and it looks beautiful. I
will get the big one in about a week and I will try to find an open wall for it. Not many openings after 35
years in a house! Anyway your work is wonderful. And I am more than satisfied. Any comments of
mine you want to post feel free because your work is absolutely A-1.   Thanks again Barry Paper,
(Looks just like Fred's Mustang!)
1. START WITH ITEM 10-G-13  
(Looks like just Nick's Charger!)
Here's what Don had to say about receiving his 1977 Corvette print and showboard.
Hello Danny: We received the “Show Board” and the “Print” of the car. I only have one word to say, “Fabulous”. They are everything that we had
wished for. I just can’t thank you enough for the great display. We displayed our car in the “Caval Cade of Customs” at the Cincinnati convention
center and won “First Place” for our classification. I know your display played a big part in us winning the award.
Facebook customer Rick Appleton..  Danny WOW what can I say, I'm literally floored, yes the picture on the web is hot but it pails in comparison
to the in hands product, there is no way in my ways of expressing myself possible to explain or get across to others the quality and workmanship in
this artwork, Wow I just can't get over what I am looking at spread out on my table at the moment, Stunning, Phenomenal, Unmatched, Benchmark
Fabulous, breath taking ETC....... a No Brainier, Gosh I am so beyond words at the moment Thank You so much !!!!!!!!! Rick.  Danny Whitifeld prints
are made using True Photo" silver halide card stock with a Chromira printer. We never have and never will use inkjet on our fine prints. So to sum it
all up - This is what you can expect from the Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield.
Read what Jessie Naputi had to say when he received his art print.
Hey Danny, Sorry for taking so long to let you know I received the print. I was in Bahrain for a while. The print is
gorgeous and I can't wait to get it framed. Thanks for the smaller prints. I may have to bring it in to my office to
The Official Automotive Artwork of Danny L Whitfield
This is a bitter sweet post.
Facebook buddy and recent customer Kevin Helmintoller of
whom I had the pleasure of creating this art print for has sent
me a picture of it framed. To me it serves as a memorial to a fine
automobile that met its demise in the National Corvette Museum.
As a picture is always worth a thousand words, words can never
express the grief Kevin suffered when he was notified his
Corvette was the most damaged. It is with great pleasure I was
able to capture his car in its former glory to keep the memory
alive. A high quality art print for everlasting memories of Kevin's
Here's the reply received from facebook friend Charley Robertson upon receiving her art print:
Hi Danny, we were up at the NCM and when we got home tonight there they were. I immediately opened them
up and they are gorgeous. Thank you so much for taking the extra time to autograph them for me. While up
at the museum we had a chance to see the sinkhole and the 8 cars and ran into Kevin. I had told him about the
print you did on his car. He told me that he was so excited that you had made some changes to the print to
match his car. You could tell he was still visibly upset seeing his once beloved mallet totally destroyed. I believe
his car will not be repaired. Seeing the sinkhole and cars in person is so much more dramatic than seeing the
photos. It is a wonder that anything is still standing and seeing the cars really breaks your heart. Anyways,
thank you again. Your work is so awesome and I admire very much your talent.
This is what Facebook friend Mike Michael Sullivan had to say upon receiving his print:
Danny - the artwork just arrived and it is spectacular and we love the personalization. If anyone wants artwork
of their corvette or any great car, Danny is your man! You cannot believe the quality and he personalized ours
to make sure that "no doubt" its ours. The artwork is absolutely stunning. Contact him you'll never regret it.
Thanks, Mike & Pam.
Mark's Comments,
A touching letter from a grieving Mom,
Dear Danny, First please accept my apologies for the tardiness of this note. I have had computer problems this
entire year and in them the loss of information was substantial. Your address was one of those that I lost. Today,
as I was perusing a Camaro site, First Camaro ever built and restored, I had a thought that has worked. If I were
literate on this internet stuff I would have thought of this many months back. Anyway, my name is Margaret
Erickson and just before Christmas last year my son Michael contacted you about a car photo with a picture of his
brother in it. Not having any idea what it was for, they asked for a picture of Chip which I e-mailed them PDQ as
requested. I only had two in my computer and I sent them his graduation picture. I was told that wouldn’t work,
what else do you have? So I sent them the one that I had gotten off my God Daughters Facebook page. They told
me thank you, that will work. At that point I forgot about the entire incident and got on with getting ready for bed
as it was late in the evening and I’m getting old.

You can only imagine my surprise when I opened that on Christmas morning. I did notice that the entire room got
quiet and everyone was looking at me and a couple of cameras at the ready. They had taken an 8 x 10 of the
picture and put it in a floating type frame with a silver metal edge and it was absolutely gorgeous. I cried. They
wanted me to be able to have some input on the choice of frames for the 16 x 20. It is the most amazing picture
and I just love it. I have never been so moved by a picture or a gift in my whole life. The job that you did on that
project is absolutely perfect. You are, without a doubt an amazing talent. As I recall it was around the 20th of
December when they called for a picture so to have done the work and gotten it back to them before Christmas is
nothing short of miraculous.
I posted it on my Facebook page last June 4th. The anniversary of his death. I was truly unprepared for the responses that I got. I heard from so very many of his
friends. He is very well remembered by many besides just his family. Even after 37 years it’s still pretty fresh to a parent. The loss of a child is the worst thing that can
happen to you. It doesn’t go away, you just learn how to handle it better.Your effort brought me many hours of pleasure. Looking at that picture is a comforting
moment for me. I thank you for all of that time. I do appreciate what you did. It means a great deal to me. The framed one that was wrapped for Christmas is in Michael’
s office and I’m sure that most everyone has asked him about it. As we approach another holiday season I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I know that as I recall the things I am Thankful for Danny Whitfield will be on the list. May your Christmas holidays be a joyful gathering of Family and Friends as you
Celebrate the Reason for the Season. Again, my sincere thanks and appreciation for the job you have done. God Bless.  
Most Sincerely, Margaret Marge
Customer John Greene was very happy with his Corvette print he
recived today!
Customer satisfaction means a lot in this business. It can take up to 10 years
to build a good solid reputation and one minute to have it all torn down. I am
thankful that through the years the level of quality trust and satisfaction
continues. Otherwise I have that horrible label of "Starving Artist" attach to
my name. Thank you John Greene for your repeated business.
See Facebook friend Steve Thames knows how to frame his
art just right!

Steve's Mustang is totally awesome and his framed art is the icing in
the cake.
The Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All Images, Prints, Posters, Automotive Art, Canvas, Custom Renderings, Text, Graphics, Content, the selection and
arrangement thereof, Copyright  / TM 1992 for The Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield under LICENSED in the United States. Any use of materials including reproduction, modification,
distribution, or republication without the prior written permission of The Automotive Art of Danny Whitfield is strictly prohibited.
A shout out to my buddy Danny Whitfield for the outstanding job he did on my two most recent prints
(1993 Totota MR2 Turbo and 1978 TransAm). Especially the MR2, which had to be done totally from
scratch! I have also attached one of my favorites done by Danny, my 1965 Shelby Cobra AC. Thanks
again my friend